Meniscus Repair

What is the Meniscus?

The meniscus is cartilage that serves as a cushion between your tibia and femur. In each knee joint, you have two menisci.

Activities such as rotation or forced twist can cause direct pressure which can injure the meniscus. If that happens, the injury can be categorized as a complete tear or partial tear. When is it necessary to remove or repair your meniscus in case of injury?

It depends on factors such as the type of tear and your age. In both cases, you need an ambulatory surgery. That means you can leave the hospital in Atlanta the same day you come in. Read on to learn more about meniscus repair in Atlanta.

Symptoms of Meniscus Tears

Here are some common symptoms:

  • Swelling
  • Knee pain
  • Stiffness in the knee
  • Limited movement of the knee
  • Difficulty walking

 Causes of meniscus tears:

  • A forced rotation or twist
  • Deep squatting
  • A sudden turn or pivot
  • Heavy lifting

Surgical Treatments of Meniscus Repair

Meniscus Surgery

There are several factors that determine this. These factors include the type of tear and you age. If your surgeon says that the tear is repairable, she will take measures to repair it. If not, the torn part of meniscus will be removed or debrided.

To protect the cartilage, she will remove a very small portion of the meniscus, and once it is repaired, the tear will be sewn together. The first few weeks after the surgery, your fragile meniscus will be vulnerable.

There is a little bit of risk of nerve damage, blood clot, and postoperative infection. However, these are the common risks of any surgical procedure. Specific risks include arthritis, postoperative stiffness, and re-injury.

You will not be allowed to drive if you are on pain medication. If the surgery has been done on your right knee, driving is prohibited for about 3-6 weeks. To some extent, it depends on whether the meniscus has been removed or repaired.

You should not start jogging until your physician clarifies that you can. This depends on the strength of your quadriceps, but the estimated time period is about 3 months. Once you have regained some range of motion, you can resume biking. Depending on the severity of your issue, it will take some time to engage in high-impact sports.

Knee Arthroscopy

Your surgeon makes some small incisions around your knee. The inside of your knee is visualized with the help of a camera. Then, the problem area is derided, or the loose area is removed.

Just like any surgery, knee arthroscopy involves risks such as postoperative infection, nerve damage, and DVT. There are also some specific complications and risks such as arthritis, postoperative stiffness, and persistence symptoms. You have to take these possible complications into consideration if you are thinking of undergoing meniscus repair.

You can not drive as long as you are on pain medication. If the surgery has been done on your right knee, you will have to refrain from driving for about 4 weeks after your surgery in Atlanta.

This may take as long as 3 months after your surgery. Once you have regained enough range of motion, you can resume biking–and when you demonstrate enough quadriceps strength, you can even start running. But before you do so, you must talk to your surgeon.

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