Knee Replacement Surgery

Benefits of Partial Knee Replacement Surgery

What is Partial Knee Replacement Surgery?

Also called knee arthroplasty, particle knee replacement surgery is a minimally invasive surgery that focuses on the removal and replacement of the problem area without replacing the entire knee. There are several different versions of the surgery that focus on different areas of the knee. There are multiple benefits of this surgery.

Benefits of Patrial Knee Replacement

  • Preservation of Healthy Bone and Tissue – Since the procedure limits itself to the problem area instead of a complete replacement, the healthy bone, ligaments, muscle, and tendons are unaffected.
  • Less Blood Loss – One of the greatest complications of major surgeries is the risk of problematic blood loss. Since partial knee replacement is minimally invasive the risk of blood loss and the need for a transfusion is much less.
  • Lowered Risk of Infection and Blood Clots – For the same reasons as less blood loss, the partial knee replacement process is less invasive, and therefore there are fewer chances for infection and blood clots.
  • Lowered Post-Operative Pain – Total knee replacement surgery is considered one of the most painful during recovery. Partial knee replacement is significantly less painful during the recovery period.
  • Faster Recovery – When compared to full knee replacement patients, those who receive partial knee replacement require less physical therapy and end up with a greater range of motion.
  • Age is not a factor – While total knee replacement is limited by age due to the difficulty of recovery and seriousness of the surgery, partial knee replacement surgery isn’t limited by these factors meaning the elderly don’t have to continue to suffer!

Is A Partial Knee Replacement Right For You?

Though it’s not always possible to only have a partial knee replacement, it may be advisable for people who suffer from severe, debilitating knee pain that is caused by problematic areas of the knee. If the problematic spot is contained in one area or a few adjacent areas, then you might be a candidate for partial knee replacement surgery.

Do you think you’re a candidate for partial knee replacement? Reach out to us for a consultation and more information Here.

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